Theater lessons ALSO in the English language

In june we offer trial lessons for children, teenagers and adults. If you only speak English, pleas tell us and we will adapt our lessons so you or your child will understand and can participate without any problem.

For adults we alos offer lessons only in English on wednesday evenings in location centre (Koorenhuis)


We work in consecutive blocks, always resulting in a performance. We offer a cluster of consecutive lessons during (half for adults) or a whole year! With or without experience in acting: you will develop your acting skills individually and group wise. You can choose for 'theaterlessons' (only acting) and 'musicallessons' (acting, singing and dancing)


You can choose of 4 locations:

CentrumKoorenhuis, Prinsegracht 27 Den Haag (wednesdays)

VoorburgAMCO Theater, Burgemeester Feithplein 97 Voorburg (thursdays)

YpenburgYDL studio, Vrouw Avenweg 702, 2493 WZ Den Haag (tuesdays)

LoosduinenMusica Corda, Aaltje Noordewierstraat 405a, Den Haag (mondays)

4-18 years old

We kick off the series of lessons each Saturday in September. We kindly invite you for a free trail lesson on June! 


We offer lessons in age groups 4 to 18 years old We work in project wise, so we are focused on a presentation or production! More information about our workin method: click here


Trial class

Sign up for a non-binding trial class in June:


click here to sign up!



trial lesson 7,50

children 4-6 years: 15x (half a year) 195,-

children 6-9 & 9-12 & 12-18: complete cluster of a year: 395,- euros or 3x 105,-

18-99 years old

In September we kick off the series of theatre lessons for adults! We work in consecutive blocks. You can sign up per half or whole year. With or without experience: you will develop your acting skills individually and group wise!


In June you can take a trial lesson!


Click here to sign up for a trial lesson!




trial lesson 7,50


Cluster of half a year (15 lessons): 275,- euros

Complete cluster of a year (30 lessons) 495,- euros or 3 terms of 170,-