International theater lessons in English

In June Hoftheaterschool offers trial lessons for children, teens and adults. If you only speak English, please let us know and we will adapt our regular lessons so that everybody can understand and participate without any problem.

We work in consecutive blocks, always leading up to a stage performance. We offer a course of 10 lessons for adults, 15 lessons for 4-6 years old and 30 lessons for 6-18 years old children.


With or without experience in acting: you will develop your acting skills individually and group wise. If you are okay with classes that include both Dutch and English speaking students (teacher will translate), you can choose theaterlessons (acting) of musicallessons (singing, dancing and acting).

English only?

We also offer lessons which are exclusively in the English language! For adults only at this moment. These lessons take place each Wednesday evening in Het Koorenhuis in the centre of The Hague, from 8.45 till 10 pm. Want to participate in a trial lesson? CLICK HERE TO SUBCRIBE


You can choose of 4 locations:

Loosduinen: Musica Corda, Aaltje Noordewierstraat 405a, Den Haag (mondays)

Ypenburg: YDL studios, Oeverwallaan 141 Den Haag (tuesdays)

Centrum: Het Koorenhuis, Prinsegracht 27 Den Haag (wednesdays) here we offer in English on 8.45 pm

VoorburgAMCO Theater, Burgemeester Feithplein 97 Voorburg (thursdays)

4-18 years old

We kick off the series of lessons at the first Saturday of September. Interested? We invite you to join us at a free trail lesson in June! 


We offer lessons in age groups 4 to 18 years old We work project wise, so we are always focused on a presentation or production! More information about our artistic method: click here


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children 4-6 years: 15x (half a year) 195,-

children 5-8 or 6-9 & 9-12 & 12-18: complete cluster of a year: 395,- euros or 3x 137,-

16-99 years old

In September the theatre lessons for adults will kick off! We work in consecutive blocks. You can sign up for half a year or a whole year. With or without experience: you will develop your acting skills individually and group wise!

Trial lesson

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Cluster of 10 lessons: 149,- euros